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The most recent and perhaps last in the Rocky film series, Creed travels a well worn path. I’d heard a slight buzz about it when it came out, so I expected a little more. It’s a story about Apollo Creed’s son. He’s illegitimate which caused some identity issues. On the one hand, he’s distanced himself from his father by using his mother’s surname. Yet he quits a steady corporate job and pulls up stakes in L.A. and moves to Philadelphia to convince Rocky Balboa to train him.

As you’d expect Rocky initially refuses. He’s out of that world now. Eventually, Rocky agrees. Then, of course, there’s a big match and Creed, the newcomer gets a match with the World Champion in his weight class.

I saw the first Rocky and thought it was good, as I recall. Creed did a good job for this sort of film, but it’s really not my genre or my sport.

2 thoughts on “Creed

  1. I saw the first couple of Rocky movies and liked the fighting spirit but the later ones did not appeal to me. This latest one seemed predictable and I have not seen it. Thanks for your review! Rocky is getting as old as I am!


  2. I liked Stalone and the story tried to make sensible use of his character, but I felt it was lacking there. It’s not something people need to see.


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