Regret & Windows 10

For weeks, if not months, my work computer has nagged me to upgrade to Windows 10. Finally, I figure, “Why not? Maybe this will be faster.”


I started the upgrade process on Monday at 1pm. It’s now 6:14 pm Wednesday and the %$#$%@# thing is still chugging away. I’ve searched online about this and in the US it can take 7 to 10 or more hours. My neighbor, a tech guru, advises I just leave it. So I have, but I do have files for work that I have and do need to access. My first year students lucked out because my exam software is on that computer and I wanted to make a quiz and give it to them today. I could have made one up, but since their vocabulary is from an online program, it’s more equitable to use that software to create the quiz.

I have no idea what Microsoft was thinking when it created an upgrade that takes so much time. Who wants to wait 7 or more hours for an upgrade? Windows 10 just better be magnificent.

Is it?

I won’t be upgrading this Mac till I’m done with the semester.


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