Sepia Saturday

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This week’s prompt made me think of fountains and real sepia tones. So I went with both.


According to the Library Company of Philadelphia, the image above is probably taken at the entrance of Fairmont Park and no date is given. My guess is 19th century.


According to comments on Flickr Commons, this Cornell University Library photo is most likely from Mexico City. The library holds the image in the A.D. White Architectural Photography collection and estimates the date at 1885-1895.



The week’s final fountain photo is from New South Wales. It’s a drinking fountain that was taken before 1885.

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6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. In the second photo of Mexico City, I think it would be hard to tell the date because things change so slowly in Latin American countries. They probably dated it based on the photograph and not on the content of the photo. The spray of water coming from the fountain in the first photo is interesting and unusual.


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