Back on the Web!

The Worldwide Web, that is.

You might guess that means I’m back in China and encountering Internet problems and you’d be right.

Blogs and other social media have long been taboo so the real problem was with my VPN service, SwitchVPN. I don’t blame them as the big ol’ PRC can be powerful and can take down access to a service. But I was very disappointed in their lack of customer service. It would take 24 hours to hear back from them and then they’d right, “We can get on so you should be able to.”

Well, not necessarily since I’m in China and you aren’t. I could get on if I was in Cambodia or Singapore, but not from China. I’d email them again and not hear anything so I’ve signed on again with StrongVPN and all seems fine. Knock on wood. They always had great customer service, I just had a problem last year when the government here had them in the crosshairs. Now they seem to have gotten past that.