Downton Abbey, Season 6, Episode 7

My, I was blown away this week. I just got caught up and am glad I hadn’t encountered any spoilers.

I did expect Mary to pull the rug out from under Edith’s relationship with Bertie. Even though I saw it coming the actual scene was full of the venom and cold-heartedness that makes me dislike Mary. She does like to ruin things for Edith and even though 14 years ago Edith exposed Mary’s fling with the Turkish visitor, that was long ago and should be a bygone considering that Mary got to marry her true love, Matthew and has a wonderful son. The scenes leading up and after were good drama. Edith’s return at the end and her explanation about how she understood sisterhood certainly shows she’s twice the person Mary is.

Then parallel we see Thomas saved from his suicide attempt. Though we’ve seen his growing discontent, I didn’t see that coming. Thomas and Mary have a lot in common in how they treat people. I’d like to see more of them together.

Tom’s proved pivotal in Mary’s courtship and in helping Edith out. I think, this shows that a character doesn’t need to be experiencing his own troubles to be crucial to a show. Tom has been significant as a peacemaker and truth-teller.

Bravo for Granny’s return! Her talk with Mary after Mary ruined Edith’s chances with Bertie was full of wisdom and love. I was surprised that she was so concerned about “Love” since my understanding is that when Robert married Cora the aim was to get Cora’s money. Love would not have been important at all.

I was also surprised that Mary quickly consented to Henry’s proposal and that they were married by the end of the hour. She finally admitted to Granny that what held her back was Henry’s car racing. That is a valid concern since his friend died in a car crash and Matthew also died in one. Under the circumstances, I would hope that Henry would give up racing. There are other exciting sports or hobbies that some make a career of. I don’t entirely buy the idea that if someone gives something up for love, that they’ll come to resent it. Life is full of choices and new opportunities open up and we can find new passions.

Comic relief filled the hour. Poor Mrs. Patmore’s B&B almost closed as soon as it opened after an adulterous couple was found to have stayed there. After many giggles upstairs and down, Lord and Lady Grantham and the Lord’s sister saved the B&B by having tea there thus purifying this “house of ill repute.”

Mr. Moseley had such a rough start teaching that I thought he should just stick with service. Yet his second day he held the children spellbound. On day one they had been passing notes and throwing things, and on day two he was real with them telling them about his work as a servant. The authenticity won them over. If only teaching was that easy.

Poor Edith. Mary raced to tell her beloved Bertie about Marigold being her daughter. I do believe Edith would have made a clean breast of it in time. Yes, she could have done so earlier, but it’s a big matter to bring up. Since Mary was hurt she had to hurt someone and her younger sister has always been her victim of choice. You don’t need to be Freud to know why. Still I liked the way Edith carried on by going to work at the magazine, where she learned that Spratt may very well be “Cassandra Wells,” the mystery writer of the magazine’s advice column.

We got a full range of emotions this week, didn’t we?


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