Back in China

After a wonderful five days in Cambodia for a teachers’ conference, I’m back in Jinan getting rid of the thick dust all over my apartment and gearing up for a new semester.

I’ve got a wonderful semester with no classes on Fridays and my last class finished at noon on Thurs. Unbelievable.

We’ve got a mystery though. There’s a ledge in our building where we put books and DVDs for teachers to share. Between 1:45 am, when the last teacher arrived, and 8 am, when a teacher went out, all the books and DVDs were taken away. On top of that my collection of 60 or so simplified novels that I use in class have disappeared. I stored them in a cabinet, which has always been safe, in the teachers’ office. Now they’re gone. I checked all the cabinets and they’re gone. Who would do this? I spent a lot of money over the years amassing my collection so I do hope they turn up. Also, even though the books my colleagues and I added to the shelf were not something I’d want back, I do feel they’ve been stolen. It’s one thing if a teacher borrows one book and forgets to return it and another for someone to move or take them all. I liked having this goodwill sharing. Now we really can’t do that for fear the books will disappear. Sad.


5 thoughts on “Back in China

    • The books are back, but they sure aren’t clean. Just as dusty as ever. I’m happy to have them back and will just have to live with the mystery.


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