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This week the Sepia Saturday prompt inspires bloggers to find and share photos about filmmakers. I love film and as my New Year’s Resolution is to watch one old film a week, I’ve discovered several favourites.

I’ve discovered that I love films by Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. I especially like the Criterion Collection’s DVD’s with all the extra interviews and background information. Do you have any favourite classic films?

Keaton, Buster (Cameraman, The)_01

Buster Keaton


Chaplin on the Gold Rush set



13 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Unfortunately, I have never liked slap-stick comedy. I don’t know why? I know a lot of people love the oldies – The Three Stooges & etc. I just never did cotton to them. Oh well. My loss.

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    • I can’t stand the Three Stooges. At all. I think it’s because Chaplin’s films have a message and meaning and can be thoughtfully touching like when the blind girl believes the tramp is a millionaire in City Lights, that I’m won over.


  2. I’ll have to check out that source. Physical comedy was so important before there was any dialog in movies. Who was that last shot of, anyway? I can’t recognize him.


  3. What a great resolution! I cannot remember the last time that I just sat and watched a movie! I always have my laptop on my knee so am not really paying attention when my husband is watching a movie!


  4. Harold Lloyd is my all time favorite and I still enjoy watching his films. Years ago I bought several sets VCR tapes of Chaplin and Lloyd movies to entertain my son when he was very young. He’s now 27 and I know they helped him develop a better sense of humor and social culture. Much better than the contemporary junk on commercial television.


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