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Domestic Servant in the Nineteenth Century

These kitchen-inspired paintings are part of the digital library “Below the Stairs” that I’m working on for a library class. Right now we’re just getting our documents up but it will soon have 100 items including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, images and editorials. More be up there soon.


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I love pictures like the ones you’ve shared. I’ll have to check out that digital library “Below the Stairs”. Sounds interesting.


  2. My taste in paintings too, and they portray so well, aspects of social history. I look forward to reading more in due course about your “Below Stairs” project.


  3. I do love love these paintings; the glimpses of of the so called “good old times”. I am not sure if the people who laboured in the kitchens would call it that. I guess the work was not always as relaxed as the pretty girl peeling apples. I agree these paintings would be marvelous in the kitchen or dining room.


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