Sepia Saturday

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Domestic Servant in the Nineteenth Century

These kitchen-inspired paintings are part of the digital library “Below the Stairs” that I’m working on for a library class. Right now we’re just getting our documents up but it will soon have 100 items including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, images and editorials. More be up there soon.


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. La Nightingail says:

    I love pictures like the ones you’ve shared. I’ll have to check out that digital library “Below the Stairs”. Sounds interesting.


  2. I do love love these paintings; the glimpses of of the so called “good old times”. I am not sure if the people who laboured in the kitchens would call it that. I guess the work was not always as relaxed as the pretty girl peeling apples. I agree these paintings would be marvelous in the kitchen or dining room.


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