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I knew that The War Room was number 1 at the box office when it opened in the summer. I also knew that it was made by a group of Evangelical Christians known for their low budget films. So I feared this film might be low quality and rather preachy. Yet a couple friends had seen the film and recommended it.

When I flew back to the US from China, The War Room was offered on my flight. It seemed like a low risk chance to watch it.

While there are no big name stars and the story is overtly Christian, The War Room held my interest and was worth my time. It’s the story of an affluent couple who’re drifting apart, bickering and arguing a lot, becoming more materialistic and losing respect for each other — two pitfalls that are all too common.

The wife is a real estate agent, who meets a wise widow who regrets letting her own marriage slide. The widow is deeply spiritual and challenges the heroine to pray for her husband in a “War Room.” She insists that it’s not the wife’s job to fix her husband, but to love him and pray for him.

As you’d expect the praying works. What I liked about the film was that although it wasn’t subtle or polished, it touched on an aspect of life that so many people struggle with. It came across as real. All the actors were believable and the story satisfied. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite film of all time, but I am glad I saw it.

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  1. This is one I would pass on but thanks for the review. It was not at all what I expected so I prejudged because it was made by this group. Those in need often call upon “prayer warriors” so I guess this is where the title comes from. All the best to you in 2016!


    • And best wishes to you! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I see where you’re coming from. A more nuanced film would be better IMHO.


  2. I’ve always kept a prayer journal. After watching this movie, I prepared my War Room… I enjoyed your read this morning and will share on my FB… Thank you.


      • Hi and thank you for commenting. As for keeping a prayer journal or my War Room on FB (private), I will type anything that comes to mind. I will post others blogs that touched me and will go back and read them. I posted a portion of a blog from another author on my main FB page because it was so inspiring. My FB friends started sharing it and liking it that I put the whole blog out there and everyone ate it up.

        So, my prayer room is sort of chaotic. But, that’s my nature. Organized Chaos should be my pen-name.

        In that space I will say my thank you, my frustrations and anxieties, prayers for others and clips of inspiration whether it is art, music from youtube or poems.

        I like the FB room because it’s so adaptable to music, art and just your emotional baggage.

        How about you, do you have a special space and how is it set up?

        Hey thanks for asking. Good, question. We can grow together.



      • Thanks Bojenn,

        I’m inspired. I haven’t used a prayer journal and now see how helpful it would be and I’m one for organised chaos so you’ve freed me to let that be. (It’s how God wired me.) I’ll look into a FB room.



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  3. I must tell you there is still a dedication to promise and follow through with returning to the war room to read everything that touch your heart. But it is somewhat unorganized but if you want to it is possible to straighten out a FB War Room.

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