This week I’ve been trying to complete a remote installation of a software program on to a server in the Illinois from China. It’s for my digital library class. While I’m above average with computers, I’d never had to use my Terminal box on my Mac to put in codes and change code.

The Terminal looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 21.45.01

We had to install Greenstone, an open source digital library software, program on to our servers at the university. I knew doing something like this from China would be hard. It was painful to sit through the online lesson as a lot of people had problems. The class ran an hour overtime. I figured, I’d just watch and try on my own. I wound up having to leave the class when it was 40 minutes over time. (I wish they’d stopped, realised they needed to find a new way to convey the information and find another means and time to do it.)

It took three tries, but now it works.

Knock on wood.

I won’t call myself a Linux expert after one project, but I’m pretty satisfied with my new skill.
I’m glad I had a Mac, because to do this on a PC, I’d have to have downloaded a program called puTTY and its website says you need to get government approval to use it in China.

Nah, that wouldn’t happen.

Have you overcome any challenges recently? Or learned anything new?


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    • It’s a software application that lets you input commands. It’s like DOS. We’re using it to import and install a file from the internet on to our remote servers at Univ. of Illinois.

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