I Miss Time

I haven’t had much free time. As usual, teaching requires so much preparation and grading. I won’t bore you with that, but suffice it to say, there’s no end to the work. This term I’m trying to introduce a few basic research skills since our students come with almost none.

I’m taking one class, which usually isn’t too hard to fit into my schedule, but this time the teachers are disorganised, They roll out the syllabus week by week. I like to work ahead to balance my school and work responsibilities. There are just 10 in the class and we’ve got three T.A.s and a professor. Too many cooks. It never rains but it pours as last week we had to hand in the drafts of two papers and set up a digital library program on a remote server. We have to hand in drafts, because the professor gives such vague directions and then we “get” an opportunity to rewrite. I’d rather just get specific directions (or be given free rein) and do the paper once.

I haven’t had much time to blog or breathe. I have a long to do list, but it’s just getting longer. I could really do with an assistant, one who I can explain tasks to who doesn’t need much supervision. How do I get that?

Back to grading.