Back in China

I got back to China late Friday. The flight was long, which is inevitable. Luckily I expected a plane with only a few screens so there’d be few choices for entertainment, thus I brought a supply of DVDs. The food was much better and healthier.

The worst part of the journey now is going through security in Beijing for our trip to Jinan. In addition to walking through the metal detector, everyone had to get patted down. In the past this was done so that passengers felt some dignity. Now in any other context this intimate search would constitute sexual assault. As for our bags, everyone had at least one bag hand checked and had to find any coins or keys in their bags. For me coins can be in my wallet and some no doubt would have fallen to the bottom of the bag.

On the drive back to school our Foreign Affairs liaison asked how security was. Evidently, these humiliating, uncomfortable searches have hit the news.


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