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This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt inspired me to search for images of old cafeterias. Flickr Commons had quite a few.

Source: Vancouver Public Library, 1950

Source: Vancouver Public Library, 1950

I love signs so the one above is a favorite.


Circa 1943

But then I also like pie, so I wanted to share this one from the Oregon State University special collection caught my eye. The one below shows WWI soldiers and a few civilians in 1918. And the final image is a postcard for a cafeteria. If you want to see more Sepia Saturday posts, click here.

Cornell University, circa 1918

Cornell University, circa 1918



14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. La Nightingail says:

    OMG, look at all that pie! Looks like apple, but it’s hard to tell. Looks like good crust, though. I love pie crust. My mom used to make cookies out of the leftover pie dough after making a pie. Cut in pieces, she’d sprinkle the dough with sugar & cinnamon & bake. Yum.


  2. When I worked in Boston, I visited a lunch counter every morning; my favorite waitress was another Susan (!!) and saved me a cinnamon doughnut every day. It was called Bickford’s — I’ll never forget it.


  3. How great you were on a first name basis with the waitress. It reminds me of growing up. My grandmother frequented a restaurant in Marshall Field’s department store. Her name was Dorothy and she always waited on us and followed all the milestones of my grandmother’s family. It’s a shame we don’t have as many relationships of that sort, e.g. the mail carrier, the favorite waitress, etc.


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