Sepia Saturday

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It’s off to the beach or seaside with Sepia Saturday. Here’s a few photos of some bathing beauties.


The Mermaid Club, 1910


Source: Library of Congress, 1914

Olympic Swimmers, 1912

Source: National Library of Ireland, 1914. Two children at the beach

Source: Library of Congress

Source: Library of Congress

If you’d like to see more nostalgic summer beach photos, click here.


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. jofeath says:

    Not exactly flattering costumes back then! The beach in that last photograph doesn’t look very enticing, but I love the photo of the two little Irish kids looking back towards their parents (probably).


    • And before this they wore suits with bloomers and sleeves, fine I suppose for wading, but for swimming. I wonder when color and pattern found their way into swimming fashion.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. susan says:

    Fascinating old photographs, though only one of the Mermaid Club looks happy to be pictured in those shapeless costumes. Is that an early beach barbecue spotted on the Morecambe Beach – the man in a white apron on the left of the picture looks to be serving something?


  3. The photo of the Irish children is quite artful. I think most seaside postcards of the 1900s, no matter the continent, are always scenes of people digging in the sand (or shingle) and staring at the water. No one is ever seen swimming.


  4. boobook48 says:

    I like the Irish one too but I keep going back to the first one, the Mermaid Club. The fabric in the costumes is quite revealing even though the design is coverup.


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