S’mores Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

I’m going to try to make these next week when I’m home from my Rare Books class.

Jane's Patisserie

A Chocolate Sponge with a biscuit base, topped with a Marshmallow Buttercream, Toasted Marshmallows, Melted Chocolate, and Crushed Biscuits = Campfire style Cupcakes!


Back in the beginning of February this year I posted a recipe for my Marshmallow Cupcakes (originally named S’mores Cupcakes) and they are seriously delicious – all of the s’mores goodness shoved into a cupcake. However, these weren’t decorated and I had had sooo many requests for a ‘next level’ S’mores Cupcake that I simply had to oblige! (I was also baking them for a birthday, but, ya’noo..)

I tried to make these as S’mores-y as I could considering I’m from Hampshire in the United Kingdom, so you don’t find S’mores themed stuff here often! Such as having to explain what S’mores are to several people, and them realising what they have been missing out on! I don’t have access to Graham Crackers so I substitute for a…

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