Sepia Saturday

sepia baking

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt serves to inspire bloggers to find photos of baking. What a great subject!

I found several on Flickr Commons. If you want to see other blogger’s offerings, click here.

I can't resist old packaging

I can’t resist old packaging


In Wales (n.d.)

Source: Mennonite Church, USA, 1951

Source: Mennonite Church, USA, 1951


12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. “Free premiums for yeast labels” – haven’t seen that for ages, but I do remember doing all the clipping and saving for items out of catalogs. Our market recently came up with a new savings stamp scheme…didn’t last long. What is that huge thing the woman is removing from the oven….?


  2. Your ad about yeast reminded me of a bread-baking class I attended some years ago. The chef-instructor started off by telling us how yeast works & I’ve never looked at a loaf of bread the same way since. What makes your bread – or pizza crust or whatever – rise is the little yeasty critters having a rollicking good time participating in intimate relations. When they do, they release gas which, in turn, makes your dough rise. They die in the process, of course. But they die happy!!!


  3. Can you even imagine thinking that an oven in the wall, that you had to feed the bread in on a long spatula —- was an new invention — a time saver — the newest thing on the block? My 3x ggrandmother cooked over a open pit in the dirt floor of their newly built cabin in 1850. I guess she would have thought this oven a wonder of wonders.


  4. That Mennonite shot brought back fond memories of childhood eating at restaurants in Lancaster County, Pennyslvania. Pennsylvania German food has a place in my heart…and a heavy place in the pit of my stomach. Good food, but not light fare.


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