Sepia Saturday


Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I like the intent look of some of these cyclists.

Running ain't always easy or fun

Running ain’t always easy or fun

I’m sure when I run it looks very much like this. The only difference would be that I have modern athletic wear. That’s why I refrain. I don’t call it fun and never have.

Team spirit: NY women's baseball team

Team spirit: NY women’s baseball team

A women’s baseball team from the WWII era.


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. three great photos — portraying the era of each — serious, but also brings forth a giggle or two. Good job and the wry writing is good too.


  2. The cyclists are worried that their assistants might let go, and I like the movement captured with the sprinters. But that ball team looks tough. I bet some chew tobacco and spit as good as any man.


  3. I have the realization, as I continue to wait on my broken ankle to heal, that I will probably never be able to run again. In my mind I still can, but I have to keep it as a reminder when in a crosswalk that if I need to go faster the old pegs are probably going to let me down. Literally.


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