Sepia Saturday


Order Coal?


I’ll go with posters, 1920s posters for this week’s Sepia Saturday. Whenever I teach The Great Gatsby, I touch upon the culture of self-improvement and how Gatsby tapped into that when he was young. In that era “self-improvement” was a pervasive value and posters like those below were found in workplaces and throughout the community to promote hard work, savings and “common sense.”


tight wad




13 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. That second poster has it almost right “Own Something”. It should have gone just a bit further, but who knew before 1929? “Own Something Outright”!


  2. Those posters are full of good advice, but it’s often much easier to give advice than to follow it. Also what one person considers helpful criticism may not be received the same way.


  3. The poster artwork is wonderful, and I enjoyed the larger gallery at your link for “Bill Jones”. These early motivational ideas were probably part of the first modern movement for “scientific” industrial efficiency.


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