Lots to Blog, But . . .

I’m back in China and happy to be in a climate where spring seems right around the corner.

Yet my VPN service no longer works in China. It’s a shame since I’ve got lots to write and photos to share, but I can only post via email and that doesn’t always work. I’m too much of a zombie due to jet lag to really grapple with a technology problem such as this. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get service at Starbucks with their wifi.

I had read news stories indicating that many VPN services were cut off in China. I’d hoped that the problem was temporary. Boy, am I glad I decided not to take an online class. I’m sure I’d miss the live classes and couldn’t access the library.

It’s such a vexing problem since online connections have become an important part of expat life.

Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “Lots to Blog, But . . .

  1. Rick Bolen(hm) says:

    I would think that you could get VPN to work if you have a service that (or you configure it to) runs it over TCP port 443. This is the port that secure websites run over, i.e., all those sites that start with


    Since that traffic is encrypted also, it’s not simple to distinguish between secure web traffic, and anything else. So check into that. Maybe they’re blocking port 443, but that would take out a huge part of the web.

    While I have your ear, Jen and I are planning on visiting her son, Raymond, in Thailand in May. We might need to take a “side trip” somewhere because his visa requires that he leave the country every 90 days? Anyway, do you have any recommendations of places to visit on that side of the world while we’re there?

    All the best,



    • I finally got customer service on the line. They helped.

      Malaysia is awfully nice. Kuala Lumpur or Penang are easily gotten to via overnight trains — no visas needed. The food is good and it’s interesting to see three distinct cultures: Malay, Indian and Chinese-Malaysians.

      Cambodia’s less developed, but Angkor Wat is amazing. Phnom Penh has lots of good restaurants and is a very walkable city.


  2. Is even Astrill not working over there? They have servers is almost 100 places and were pretty heavily used when I was in China. (Though maybe that finally got the attention of the censors.) I heard the VPN situation was getting bad… :/


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