Sepia Saturday


It’s time for another Sepia Saturday post. This week’s prompt had me searching Flickr Commons for photos of parades way back when.

Virginia militia parade 1920s

Virginia militia parade 1920s

Sufferage Parade

Sufferage Parade, 1913

London, after WWI, 1918

London, after WWI, 1918

Finally, here’s a video of the pet parade my brother’s town has held since the 1950s.

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9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. La Nightingail says:

    That suffragette’s hat IS quite something. She is a rather handsome woman as well. Loved the pet parade. Quite a few pets! And numerous bands – or were some groups filmed more than once from various points of view?


  2. jofeath says:

    From military to suffrage to pets – quite a contrast! I’ve heard of pet parades at fetes etc, but never as a street procession with bands and everything else. The children look like they are having fun, with and without their pets. I wonder if the pets enjoyed it?


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