One of Those Days

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day, but it was “one of those days.”

One of those days when there was no point to leaving the house — almost.

It started out with a trip to see my aunt at her new (3rd) rehab center. (The second one was good enough, but they didn’t want her to stay there her full 21 days — as Medicare allows as she doesn’t have the cash to move into their permanent living, which takes no Medicare at all, ever. Thank you for-profit Abington.)

She wasn’t feeling energetic so we just visited in her room, which was fine.

Next all my efforts to complete my errands failed. It took three trips to the office supply store to get my ink refills. First time I didn’t have the model number that was listed in their books so I had to go home to get that — I didn’t want to trust my memory, though it turned out my memory was right. Second time I forgot my wallet and these ink cartridges are amazingly expensive. The third time was the proverbial charm.

Next I had to send out a DVD I’d sold on ebay. For the life of me I couldn’t find it. I spent hours on Sunday and Monday searching. Never found it so rather than risk getting a poor recommendation, I bought the buyer one on Amazon. It worked out that I didn’t lose (or gain) any money from that.

Then I went to the library, but there were no parking spaces at all. At the post office again there were no parking spaces. Since I just felt that Mercury must be in retrograde I decided my mail could wait. Also, since my luck was running bad, I decided not to do any writing or send my script out. I didn’t want to jinx it.

Have you had any such bad luck lately?

It did turn out that Mercury, which astrologists believe governs communication, is in retrograde. So be careful. This lasts through the 11th.

The cloud of bad luck seems to have dissolved. I got to the library with no problem, found some interesting books  and films via serendipity.

I also polished and printed out my script. I’m off to the post office with it now.

Any prayers are welcome as I’m sending it off to a real TV producer. It takes a miracle for even established writers to get work.


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