New Health Regime

My yoga teacher recommended that we take up two new health practices. First she suggested that to avoid colds we drink very hot water with lemon juice, a bit of honey and some cayenne pepper. She favors half a real lemon’s worth of juice. (Some days I use the bottled kind.) I’ve been doing this for a week and love the taste. It’s a hot drink that wakes me up. For me, an adequate replacement for coffee.

The second practice prevents inflammation, any sort of future (or current?) joint problems, etc. She was vague on what it prevents because she doesn’t like to even name diseases. Here you put (hot) water in a shot glass, add a level teaspoon of turmeric and mix. Then you gulp it down. I’ve done this three times. (You’re supposed to do it twice a day.) She told us it’s hard to get used to, but after a month she has.

I will try to stick with these. The lemoned water is easy, but tumeric isn’t. I may have to switch to the supplements after I finish this bottle. The yoga guru prefers to mix her own herbs or spices to buying supplements as she’s unsure of how they’re made.

I’ll let you know if they work.


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