Healthcare’s the Wrong Word

Last week we found my aunt had fallen and was lying on the floor for at least one day. (She’s a bit cagey about the details.) She went to Lutheran General in Park Ridge and got good care. I was impressed with the nurse’s professionalism there. They always introduced themselves, explained what they had to do and respectfully and carefully answered questions. You could tell they aspired to excellence.

On Saturday she was moved to a nearby rehabilitation center. What a downward slide! I’m just livid about this move and we don’t know who recommended this place. The nurses just don’t seem to care. They’re slow to respond and just seem out of it, like they aren’t listening when spoken to. At different times my aunt and her roommate have asked for assistance to go to the bathroom and it takes the nurses so long to respond that they’ve had accidents. Another time my aunt pressed the bell for a nurse and she took 20 minutes to arrive.

Since the food is not tasty and my aunt needs to eat to gain strength so she can go home, I said I’d bring dinner tonight and then we’d watch Downton Abbey. I got to the center at 6:45 and discovered the chicken place forgot to give us plastic utensils. I asked a nursing assistant for silverware and he said he wasn’t sure he could get any. What?

When I asked how we were supposed to eat, he agreed to try to get silverware and sauntered off. Ten minutes later he returns with one set of utensils. I told him I needed to eat too and he looked very put out, like a put upon teenager. (This man’s 40 if he’s a day). He slowly left to possibly get me silverware.

I’ve checked out their website and couldn’t believe that the images contained are all stock photos that do not resemble the center. I will say the center’s lobby is nicely appointed, but the rest is very drab and basic. On one page it describes the rooms and “suites” (bigger rooms) and mentions it’s like a hotel. They left out that it’s like a one star hotel. Also the picture on this page isn’t of the rooms. It’s a copy of a drawing in one of the corridors! How dodgy!

I know my aunt could get better care in Thailand or South Korea. What does that say about the US?

I pray we can get my aunt out of this place and into somewhere with more caring professionals.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your aunt’s health issues. It is nice that you were able to bring her dinner and I hope that her stay at this facility is as short as possible.


  2. Hi, Susie The facility sounds dreadful. Dad’s experience at Alden was the polar opposite. Alden has many facilities throughout the area. Everything they do is top notch. I know that Glenview Terrace is also good. Dad’s primary care geriatric physician, Dr. Robert Moss, is on staff at Glenview Terrace. My friend, Maribel’s, mom has been a long term patient there for several years and she’s been very happy with the care that her mom has received. It’s such a hard choice when they spring the “we’re discharging to rehab” on you at the hospital. No time to do any research on the tens of facilities on the page. Not sure what it takes to transfer. Maybe it would be possible to contact the social worker from the hospital to find out the procedure. Doctors are clueless to the logistics of the rehab world. We’re back at the office today for the morning. If you have a few minutes, let’s talk or meet for coffee. I don’t have too much time since Kenny’s project is not yet done but I can certainly share my limited experience with the rehab world. If your aunt’s regular primary care doctor is an Advocate corporate doc, the office should have access to a social worker. Dad’s doctor was in the Nessett Pavilion on Ballard. They have a very good social worker there. Take care. It’s a very difficult world to navigate.

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  3. It is tough to navigate this system. Then there’s the family politics. I’m just a niece not a sibling. My mother’s driving me crazy as she just wants to put my aunt in a home ASAP so the “problem” is over with. No compassion.


  4. I’m glad your aunt has you to check on her. So many people do not have anyone to check on their well-being. I will add her to my prayers. I know from experience family drama can be overwhelming. Hang in there.


  5. Thank you, Tanya for your kindness and prayers. The more people I talk too, the more I realize that the people who have visitors do get significantly better care. It’s a shame, but it’s how it is. I’d also speak up for a relative’s roommate if you notice they’re not getting a timely response.


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