Bad Part of the Day

After a wonderful day, I was about to start doing some school work and checking my emails, when I felt a drop on my head. How strange as I’m indoors.

I looked up and saw:


 Oh, no.

I call our liaison. No answer. I text. No answer. I turn off and unplug all the electronics nearby. I call again. I go to one of my neighbors as I’m getting antsy waiting and need to tell someone.

Thirty minutes later, I get a text saying someone else will come over.

Ten minutes later help arrives. We all go upstairs to the empty apartment. There doesn’t seem to be any problem. We call my neighbor across the wall, but he’s out. The Foreign Affairs helper goes to get the key for the empty apartment next to the one above me. There she discovers his radiator has burst. She turns off the water somehow.

Meanwhile my neighbor returns and finds all sorts of belongings are soaked. He’s got more water damage than I do.

Well, it was an exciting end to an otherwise good day.

By the way, that’s the fifth water problem we’ve had this year.


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