Blogging Absence

Since Thursday I’ve had sporadic access to my blogs and other blocked sites. This problem in China is getting very old. I have two VPNs I can use Strong VPN and the new U of I one. Neither work completely the way they used to. On Monday I spent an hour, mainly waiting, with Strong VPN’s customer service. After all that time my web window just shut down before I got any real help. How aggravating!

I’m not sure whether China’s getting better at closing down VPNs. It’s a question I doubt I can ever get a real answer to.

Fingers crossed I’m now able to blog.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Absence

  1. Yeah, it seems it is getting worse. I teach at a university and it’s almost impossible to simply load a non-Chinese website anymore. Even though they aren’t blocked, it takes 5-10 minutes to load. I can’t have a class website or forum. It really sucks.


    • They’re moving in the absolute opposite direction of where they should be. I’ve gotten used to certain limits like no YouTube or Facebook, but closing educators, students and experts off from most of the internet will only hold the country back. I’m struck by how slowly my students progress compared to my students in Korea. Part of this is due to how cut off they are and how their minds are numbed in primary and secondary school.

      Yet many students are going overseas and reporting back to friends and family. Why let people study overseas if you want to censor what they know?


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