I’ve spent a good part of the summer researching for a historical fiction writing project that’s captured my fancy. When I left Chicago two weeks ago I had written 25% of the project’s first draft and lots of research done. I went to a lecture at a library on the era and was delighted that I knew everything — and a little more of what the author said.

My goal for the fall is to complete this project. Teaching has a way of demanding and eating up time. I’m on hiatus from grad school which also eats up time. Both school and teaching can be never-ending. There’s always some way you can do more to a project or curriculum. I want to keep writing and finish the first draft this month. I’m now at the 30% mark and have gotten more ideas. This is the first historical fiction project I’ve done and thanks to my library reference classes I had the knowledge and gumption to work with primary sources. Tuesday was quite productive. I only teach one class on Tuesdays and my plan is to spend the afternoon writing. That night I did some research, but my new ideas were so exciting, I couldn’t get to sleep. So now I’ve learned I have to write before dinner and do my planning and grading at night.

This afternoon was a wash. After lunch a drowsy cloud kept creativity at bay. I gave in figuring I can write on Wednesday nights since I don’t teach on Thursdays.

Watch this space for progress reports. I need to keep myself accountable and I need to finish and polish the project.


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  1. Sometimes it if best to give ourselves a deadline. Good luck and keep us posted! If I don’t see progress notes, I will be asking how it is going! I have a project of my own to finish so you have inspired me!


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