All About Eve


Starring Bette Davis, All About Eve is a classic, yet I’d never seen it — till now. It’s a captivating film about a veteran actress and her circle of theater friends. They’re a jaunty bunch, witty and rather insular. I doubt they know anyone who isn’t in the theater. It’s a happy group though till Eve, a young fan of Margo Channing, the big star, is spotted near the stage door. Margo’s friend is struck by Eve’s persistence and apparent innocence. Before you know it, the group takes Eve into their circle as an adoring fan cum servant.

The problem is Eve’s rather obsessive and driven, she plots to take Margo’s place in the stars, to supplant her favorite actress both professionally and romantically by stealing Margo’s boyfriend. Eve’s psychopathic and manipulative managing for a time to fool everyone but Margo. Eve was wooden and scary. It’s troubling that she got the success she got. The dialog’s snappy and the acting good. Thus even though there weren’t any characters I’d like to know, the film kept my attention from start to finish.


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  1. jxggxr
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 08:51:18

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  2. coastalcrone
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 16:41:28

    This is one of my favorites and I have seen it several times. Bette Davis is great as an older actress feeling insecure by the presence of a younger woman. Great cast!



  3. smkelly8
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 20:41:21

    Yes, every performance was strong. I love the steadiness of each actor. In those days there was a strong sense of identity. Lots of confidence. Perhaps it was an act, but now we’re prone to self-doubt. More than necessary. Eve’s obsession and success is done with such an eeriness. Margo’s paranoia really wasn’t ill placed.



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