Sepia Saturday


This week’s prompt led me to the National Library of Scotland’s digital archive which had these photos of WWI soldiers writing letters. All are circa 1918. What a war! It’s centennial has given us more opportunities to read and watch to learn about its devastation. I’m sure these letters home were such a relief and reassurance.




    20 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

      • Absolutely. Also a means to make sense of the war and their part in it. It’s important for the people on the home front to know what the war was like so they could help the soldiers who returned. As for those who didn’t I’m sure their families treasured those letters.


    1. Karen S. says:

      Ah much like I thought would be fun, to show them in real live writing action. Especially the last one! I’m still smiling over him!


    2. I wonder who took the photos, they must have been so homesick they were away so long, I think the gent in the final photo wanted to say something very private indeed.


    3. La Nightingail says:

      That’s quite an apparatus the last soldier pictured is sitting on as he writes. What on earth is it? It looks like a fancy corner shelving unit?


    4. Having a few moments of “peace” to think and reflect about your home and become totally immersed in writing to your loved ones. I can just imagine the pictures running through their minds as they are writing. It must have been such a relief to “get away” for a while. I love these photos. Thank you.


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