Poor Cable Service: Why? How?

After receiving a Comcast bill for $50 higher than usual, we called Comcast, who’d not only raised our rates, but forgot to apply a discount they promised due to our lack of phone service for 4 days last month.

The customer service reps couldn’t do anything to help. In fact they could only talk with the person who’s name was on the account so when I tried to mediate since my father was furious the rep wouldn’t talk with me. Okay.

I tweeted about the problem, which often gets a response from the company. AT&T responded to me right away. It took Comcast a few days. They just aren’t on the ball.

Long story short: we now are hooked up with AT&T, which probably has its flaws, but we’re saving $600 a year. Comcast lost over $1800 a year. I guess they can afford to.

Here’s the part that really irked me. I recounted this story to a friend who’s visiting from France. Want to know how much cable/internet/phone is in France per month?


Why are Americans paying so much more?


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