Sepia Saturday


This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is: Proverbs. Looking through Flickr Commons I found these three from Miami University’s collection. They’re Victorian ads, but beyond that there was no more information. Does anyone know anything about the A. Shuman store?




A search on Bing got me more gems:




seeing is believing


There’s a lot o good proverbs on this week’s Sepia Saturday post.


13 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. The Shuman ads are my favorite – love the artwork and the attitude. They all seem to say “you get what you pay for,” but in such a more elegant and refined way.


  2. You’ve found a good collection to illustrate this week’s theme. Your comment on people dressing to go out – it is still in my genes – I change my clothes to go down the street and I look around me and wonder why do I bother, on the other hand my husband goes out in any old thing.


  3. jofeath says:

    A fun collection! Proverbs like this have rather been thrown out the window these days, and no one appreciates having them quoted at them, especially if they have a disapproving or ‘I told you so’ tone.


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