Pirates of Penzance


Northwestern’s offering a fine production of The Pirates of Penzance weekends through August 3rd. The singing, dancing, and costumes equalled a lot of professional theaters in Chicago. Strong performances all around and you can tell the performers loved getting into the spirit of this show.

The drawback for me was the story, which was just silly without well-drawn characters. Perhaps in another era this worked, but I never got into the whimsical story. Yet the pace is fast and the singing was good so there was enough to like. Not enough to keep my mind from seeing implausibilities, but enough to like.

At least now I can check “seeing a Gilbert & Sullivan” show off my list.


2 thoughts on “Pirates of Penzance

  1. Well, now you have seen a Gilbert & Sullivan for yourself and can speak/write from exposure. It seems appropriate for summer fun rather like a summer melodrama. Daughter and I (or Husband if she cannot make it) are going to see a local production of “Legally Blonde,” the musical. At first I did not want to go but then I was rejecting it as something beneath me! Then I thought it might be fun on a Sunday afternoon. They always have wine to purchase! Maybe I will get material for a post out of it.


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