Sepia Saturday


This week’s prompt made me think of a good strong handshake, and especially how politicians are known for them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.48.20 AM


nixon 1970





13 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. My father encouraged me to practise shaking hands. He warned that a “wet fish” pr “knuckle squeezer ” should not be trusted. Good eye contact and a firm (but not squeezing) grip were best.


  2. La Nightingail says:

    Elvis and Tricky Dickie – that’s one handshake I might not have trusted? That first handshake was rather nostalgic!


  3. jofeath says:

    Don’t politicians primarily shake hands for the cameras? There is a famous one in Australia between political opponents in which one man looks like he is about to wrench the other leader’s arm off. As a result he was widely criticised for being aggressive and a bully, and subsequently lost the election.


  4. I agree a firm handshake is a pleasant way to greet someone you have just met, though it can tend to be a bit of a bloke’s thing. I often feel some men look surprised when I also extend my hand for a hand shake.


  5. I used to know a man who had a handshake that felt like you put your hand in a vice. I hate shaking his hand. He was a wonderful man, but my hand was always useless for awhile after the shake. And of course I had to smile while he did it.

    You just have to wonder what Elvis was thinking when he put that outfit on. Slightly delusional.


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