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Posting via email as I’m having trouble — once again — with VPN. I’ll soon be in the US and free of these difficulties. I can’t wait.
ochlophobia, n.
[‘ Fear of or aversion to
Pronunciation: Brit. /ɒkləˈfəʊbɪə/, U.S. /ˌɑkləˈfoʊbiə/
Etymology: < ancient Greek ὄχλος crowd, mob, multitude (see ochlocracy n.) + -phobia comb. form. Compare earlier ochlophobist n.
rare. Fear of or aversion to crowds.1885 A. H. Buck Ref. Handbk. Med. Sci. I. 88/1 Ochlophobia is a common symptom of the complaint [sc. agoraphobia].
1929 C. Connolly Let. Nov. in Romantic Friendship (1975) 330, I have had ochlophobia lately.
1945 Cambr. Hist. Jrnl. 8 58 Not long ago there lived a distinguished French historian who was afflicted with ochlophobia and shut himself up in his study.
1983 N.Y. Times (Nexis) 5 May b2 On the face of it, the convention was not a place for a person with ochlophobia, a fear of crowded places.
2003 Daily Tel. (Sydney) (Nexis) 31 Jan. 31 Those who suffer enochlophobia, demophobia or ochlophobia–the fear of crowds–are not being entirely irrational.


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