To Do

I’ve finished teaching for the semester, which comes with a welcome breathe of relief. My students were lovely, but after 16 weeks it’s time to stop and breathe. Still though I’ve finished grading the finals and input all the grades, I’m waiting to fill out my grade sheets, there’s something tough about assigning a number to students’ work. It seems to minimize what they’ve accomplished. I’m glad I arranged to hand in my grades tomorrow morning, glad I don’t have to rush.

One colleague was scheduled to rush out as his wife and baby’s visa expires today. He had to pay a lot to change their flight from Hong Kong as there was a mix up with the visas. They expired the 16th rather than the 17th when his flight home was. (I think he was too nice in letting that go and assuming the expense himself.) He tried to save money by taking the train to Hong Kong on Saturday. When his son’s fever persisted, they decided not to get on a train in the middle of the night (3 am). More expense with flights and only partial train refunds. I hope they got off alright.

Though I don’t have to work, I need to remind myself, I’m not completely at leisure. I’ve started another grad class and there’s work from that, which I finished this morning. I also have to meet students who were absent Friday to show them their exam scores, which I do as a courtesy. The Chinese teachers don’t seem to do this, but I want them to see how they did and what areas they need to concentrate on. I also want to do some historical research for my summer writing project, a work of historical fiction. And I’ve want to write an article about a friend who runs an Italian restaurant here in Jinan. I’m actually quite busy. Of course, everything I take on tends to take more time than I imagine.

Also hanging over my head is a research project I started over a year ago with a colleague. We’ve got to finish that.




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