Travel Planning Hassle

I’m trying to get a fair price for a ticket from Jinan to Harbin. If I use the English page of Ctrip it’s about 580 rmb each way, while the Chinese page is 340 each way for the same flight. The problem is I can’t navigate the Chinese page and it’s too late to get a Chinese assistant. I hope I don’t miss out on this price! I hate this sort of pricing. It’s just wrong.

I hoped Google translate could help, but Google’s fully blocked here lately. We used to get the Hong Kong Google. No more.


One thought on “Travel Planning Hassle

  1. I got the cheaper price! I’m off to Harbin Weds for four days. Back for a couple days to prepare and pack. Two days in Beijing and then back to the US. I’m delighted to report that I’ve gotten good hotel prices too.


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