This might be the most aggravating internet disruption I’ve experienced. I know it’s about the history and I know I’m not the center of the universe. But this week my new library course started and all university websites are blocked. My VPN hasn’t been at all reliable and I spent a couple hours last night trying to set up a new one that I had to pay for (since I’m only here another few weeks that didn’t sit well with the penny pincher in me). I can’t get this site I use to do a review game for students or a site that just lists the 3000 most common words of English. No library sites. The list goes on and on.

The teacher for this new class has decided to use WordPress, which of course is always blocked, for the course content. I’ve emailed him several times to explain my difficulty. Finally, I’ve gotten online through my first VPN this morning. The trouble is I can’t count on it and I don’t want to fall behind in the class. I’ll have to set up the new VPN later today to have a back up.

Hopefully things will return to normal June 5th.


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