Word of the Week

babblative, adj.
[‘ Given to babbling; loquacious, prattling. Also: characterized by an excess of talk; verbose, bombastic. Now somewhat arch.’]
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈbablətɪv/, U.S. /ˈbæblədɪv/
Forms: see babble v.1 and -ative suffix.
Etymology: < babble v.1 + -ative suffix. Compare earlier talkative adj.
Given to babbling; loquacious, prattling. Also: characterized by an excess of talk; verbose, bombastic. Now somewhat arch.1576 T. Newton tr. L. Lemnie Touchstone of Complexions i. ii. f. 20, Manye of them which lacke good bringing vp..are..babblatiue, and full of muche vaine tattling [L. loquacitate futili ac vana].
?1576 A. Hall Let. touchyng Priuate Quarell sig. I.i, Vaine bablatiue speeches cryed out of.
1587 J. Bridges Def. Govt. Church of Eng. ix. 687 He restraineth a Womans rashnesse, that they shoulde not (as often-times they are bablatiue) leape foorthe to teache and prophecy.
a1624 Bp. M. Smith Serm. (1632) 265 Sad with the graue, babblatiue with praters.

1829 R. Southey Sir Thomas More (1831) I. 350 Professors of the arts babblative and scribblative.
1838 T. Carlyle Jrnl. in J. A. Froude T. Carlyle: Life in London (1884) I. v. 139 Sterling particularly argumentative, babblative, and..unpleasant.
1867 Galaxy Apr. 765 Old Serjeant Maynard..thought so highly of gab in law, that he defined the latter by the former, calling it, in the dog-Latin of his craft, Ars Bablativa the art babblative.
1900 J. H. Keene Power-holding Class versus Public i. 35 You forget those clear-starched hypocrisies, Imperialism and Prosperity, require bablative booming.
2005 D. Dobbs Reef Madness i. 11 He was one of those brilliant, babblative sorts whose immense skill in their main work is nearly eclipsed by their gift for talk.
2008 T. Vigorito Nine Kinds of Naked lxxvi. 265 Elizabeth continued her attempt to tease him down, but Diablo just blasted right past her, pausing not at all in his babblative exposition.


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