I’ve Had It

My Internet in China has been horrible and getting worse the last few weeks in China. The school says they can’t fix it and that we should only use it during the day, not at night or weekends, which is exactly when we need it most. My U of I VPN only works sporadically since they changed from their old service to CISCO. I used to be able to go online in the wee hours of the morning. Now I can’t even sign out between 5 and 8 am as I used to. Getting up at 5 am is not my idea of fun anyway.

I could get more sites from Starbucks, but this morning I couldn’t even check my university email account, which I need to check since my students are supposed to email me a link to their group projects so I could grade them this weekend. That won’t get done.

I was delighted when I tried the International Teachers’ Office and found the wifi allowed me to go online with my U of I VPN anywhere. I felt relieved as I could then log on to my summer class’s website. That class starts Monday and I want to see what I need to do for it this week.

My joy was short lived. I left the teachers’ office for lunch. Now that I’m back, nothing works. It’s beyond exasperating.

In Indonesian, the word for my feeling is cepak. Fed up.


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