Here we go again

No blogging or social media this weekend it seems. The University of Illinois VPN isn’t working. I have contacted the service desk, but they haven’t responded with information that helps. It’s a hassle to say the least. I can post via email, but often duplicate posts are made.

I wish I knew the reason whether it’s a problem with Cisco’s AnyConnect, the service the school now uses or the school or system here.


It’s not just blogging, but all social media is blocked and there were things I wanted to get done tonight. I’ve just got about a month more of teaching so it doesn’t make sense to sign up and pay for a service when I might not return in the fall.

Another weird thing is that a couple of my emails got returned due to “suspicious activity” noticed on by Yahoo. I wonder what that means. The school did have three workers here fiddling around with my computer last week. They were supposed to see why the Internet is so slow. Their advice was simply to not use the Internet at night or on weekends.