Swan Lake

Swan Lake 11

Last night I went with a friend to see Swan Lake. I know I’ve seen it before, but that must have been ages ago. I haven’t been to a ballet for probably 5 years. The ballet company was from the Ukraine and they were exquisite, defying gravity with such grace.

The costumes were elegant, the music, which I think was recorded, was good.

(One thing that’s annoying about live performances is audience behavior, specifically, cell phone use. Yesterday the audience was pretty good. Yes, some people snapped photos, not realizing that the light from their camera distracts people around them. But the theater somehow has someone direct a red pointer light at these phones. It worked in getting people to turn off their phones, but the red light is a distraction too.)

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  1. Audience etiquette is definitely not what it used to be. Which is a pity as it spoils your experience a bit – and these tickets are not cheap.


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