What Happened to Our Art?

On Thursday I made a sort of mural in my classroom. To cap off a unit on art each student made a portrait of a real or imagined person. Some were whimsical, others realistic, some bold, others delicate.  When they were put together on the wall they had a great impact. My students were beaming with pride and other students took notice too. Today I was prepared with my tape and scissors to add the last one to the wall and take a picture of the result.

I was shocked, shocked to walk into the room and find all the portraits gone! Yes, gone. No one spoke to me or emailed me. This was so unexpected. In place of our vibrant mural was a bunch of post-it notes that spelled out the word “Dreams.” Each note had someone’s dream written on it.

I found this to be such a violation, not just towards me but towards my students. Where was our beautiful art? Why didn’t anyone ask me or the class monitor? I was livid. There’s certainly enough wall space to share. A friend also uses this room and she didn’t move the portraits. She’s an artist herself. She wouldn’t. Between us we do a lot of teaching in this room. Enough to have some say in how it looks.

To be continued . . .

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