Impressionism and Fashion

Yesterday I went to the Art Institute of Chicago‘s exhibit “Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity.”

C’est magnifique!

By pairing the fashion of the day with French paintings by Impressionists and others from the late 19th century. So in addition to an exquisite collection of paintings by Tissot, Monet, Manet, Renoir, and lesser known Impressionists with the dresses, suits and accessories, the curators illuminate the influence of fashion on art. So many of the dresses, hats, shoes and purses were as exquisite as the paintings.



The quotations and information posted throughout the exhibit were enlightening and I liked how one gallery displaying works set outside was decorated with artificial grass and park benches. A recording of chirping birds added to the park feel.



The exhibit included many fashion plates, illustrations of outfits in 19th century magazines. I’d never known that fashion plate had this etymology. I usually like to take photos in a museum, but due to restrictions from the museums that loaned works, photography was prohibited. Still I highly recommend this exhibit if you’re anywhere near Chicago in the next six weeks.

By Tissot

By Tissot

I hadn’t known Tissot’s work and I liked it the most. His work isn’t impressionistic as it’s very realistic compared with Manet, Monet, et al.

Another innovation with this exhibit is the creation of a character named Jean-Paul, a time traveler from the late 19th century. Jean-Paul and his penny farthing popped up around the city, tweeted and tumbled in social media to create a buzz about the summer’s exhibit.


Renoir – my favorite Impressionist in this

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