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globaloney, n. – ‘ Nonsensical or absurd talk or ideas concerning global issues.’
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌɡləʊbəˈləʊni/,  U.S. /ˈˌɡloʊbəˈloʊni/
Forms:  19– globaloney,   19– globalony.
Etymology:Blend of global adj. and baloney n. and int.
 orig. and chiefly U.S.
 Nonsensical or absurd talk or ideas concerning global issues.

1943  C. B. Luce in Congress. Rec. 9 Feb. 761/3 Much of what Mr. Wallace calls his global thinking is, no matter how you slice it, still ‘globaloney’.
1950 Jrnl. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 45 346 We must beware of any form of ‘globaloney’.
1984  S. Terkel Good War (1985) iii. iv. 351 Barnes invented the term One World, which he wrote for Wendell Willkie. It was described as globaloney.
1992 Economist 24 Oct. 138/2 For all the ‘globaloney’ to be found in modern management theory, the national identity of the quintessential Japanese corporation is no stronger than that of its European and American competitors.
2007 Wall St. Jrnl. 5 Oct. w11/2 He called the ‘Global 2000’ report ‘globaloney’. Armed with an arsenal of factual missiles, he showed that life on Earth was getting better.
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