Sports Day


For the first time the university sports day was mandatory for teachers. The pain of having to be up and ready by 7:20 am so we could wait in the cold was eased by new flashy, cool jackets.


Mind you it’s cold and they’re in cotton shirts

In the past, this was a chance to travel without being part of a holiday hordes. Some colleagues did go out of town this afternoon, but I’m going to the International Kite Festival an hour or so away from here in Weifang so I stayed put.

Spiffy Jacket

Spiffy Jacket

April is the cruelest month and today it was about 40 degrees. Shortly after my marching duties in the Sports Day, I went back to my apartment and got my parka. The spiffy new jacket’s really designed for the low60s and some rain.

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  1. You are a brave soul! Today I am catching up on some of your posts. I have been busy with other things in my life and have not even posted on my own blog in about a month. My tutoring will be over next week so maybe I will have more time.


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