I checked my blog’s stats today and was quite puzzled. The graph looked really off. I’m not sure why but so far I’ve had 486 views, mainly from the US and the visitors are repeatedly consulting a post I did on China’s water. I’m in no way an expert on the water in China, though I know better than to drink it.

Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Puzzling

  1. Haha, stats are so random. BTW, I’m one of those already-subscribed silent followers and did not find you by googling Chinese water supplies, ha!


    • What got even weirder was that last night I checked my blog and — horror of horrors — it had been shut down. WordPress suspended it! That traffic that I didn’t create caused them to suspect I’d done something wrong and so they closed the blog.

      Fortunately, after I contacted them, they reopened the blog. I was in quite a panic.


      • I do not blame you! I wonder if someone somehow piggybacked onto your blog to sell their goods. I don’t know much about this but people in the know can do some sneaky things!


  2. Just catching up on your blog, any idea what caused this?

    Maybe there’d been a big story in the US involving the Chinese and a water company?

    Remember reading that when the whole ‘bath salts zombie’ story broke last year, it set off a load of visits to an old article on Cracked.com, about zombies. Could be something like that?


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