Les Misérables


Though Michael Phelps‘ of the Chicago Tribune’s one and a half star review diminished my expectations for the film of Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfield et al, I did love the film. While I agree with Phelps that the camera work was bizarre with too many close ups for my liking, the music and performances overcame that fault.

The music was well done and I’d forgotten how many excellent songs the play includes. Yes, the emotion is strong throughout and there’s a lot of misery in the story, but that’s intended and rings true. I thought Anne Hathaway performed admirably and wish the story had more of her plight. Women were mainly victims in Les Mis and I think that needn’t be the case to be historically accurate, not that accuracy was the goal of the musical or that it needs to be.

I wasn’t impressed by the actor who played Marius, he seemed to much of an average Joe, or average Jean, to set someone’s heart on fire with a look.

One more criticism is that this film should have actors with French accents, not English. I seem to be alone in this idea that if you’re going to make a film about a foreign country shouldn’t the actors sound like they’re from that country?

All my criticisms are minor. Les Mis enthralls and is worth repeated viewings. I expect it will garner several awards.

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3 thoughts on “Les Misérables

  1. I first got my first full experience with this movie and eventually saw it live, including once in London. The songs, the story, the characters all make this such a masterpiece musical


      • It my favorite classic book and on top of it is on the top spot for favorite musical tied with Wicked.

        Les Mis showed me a side of musicals I never saw before. I realized I was 100% blind to heartbreak in musicals growing up, but was aware that sad existed in that world. I also interpreted ALL musicals as happy. So Les Mis went against everything I thought musicals were. Without Les Mis, I wouldn’t be passionate about musicals.


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