Word of 2013: Write

This is the Day is a radio show on Moody Radio that I sometimes listen to. As the New Year approaches they’re encouraging listeners not to come up with a resolution, since most people don’t live up to resolutions, but to choose a word to “live into.” Today listeners called in and shared their words. A few words were: trust, discipline, repent, pray, stop, peace and promise. There’s a website dedicated to this One Word approach to New Years.

My word’s going to be: Write. I have a few unfinished projects that need time. It’s so easy to do everything else on a To Do list and let my writing slide. Magic elves are not going to finish my book or script. I’m starting today and will have time this break to move ahead with these projects. The trick is not adding other projects that allow me to avoid writing.

I like this one word idea as one word can help people change in many areas of their lives, while still maintaining a focus. If you sign up on the One Word website, you can check a box that triggers a regular accountability program via email.

What do I have to lose?

What would your word be?