Sepia Saturday

Convicts? Really?

I’m from Chicago.  It’ll be more of a database than a post. Well, let’s see who we can find.
Al Capone, mob king pin during the depression. Impossible to catch till Elliott Ness got assigned to the case.

Frank Calabrese, Sr.

Implicated in 18 murders, sports gambling, racketeering

Calabreze, from the Family Secrets Trial, which I attended often in the summer of 2008. Here’s a good article by The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass, who’s written extensively on the trial. Riveting days in court as his son and brother Nick testified against him. Calabrese forced his son at age 14 go around with his uncle intimidating people who hadn’t paid up. They’d set fire to a garage, blow up part of a building, that sort of thing. Calabreze would rake in $400,000 a year from football betting. He was a loan shark and murderer. He’s currently living in a Federal prison.
Bonnie & Clyde – not from Chicago, but I liked the movie so I’m including them.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Butch Cassidy & The Hole in the Wall Gang

Remember the start of the movie?

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    • Quite a rogues gallery. There are more that could be added. I know there’s a mobster who was the power behind Capone, but I’ve forgotten his name and my attempts to find it online are fruitless.


    • Poor Clyde, I’m not sure about his arm. I do love the movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and this photo must have inspired the screenwriter, William Goldman.


  1. My favourite photo the Bunch Cassidy gang. The front three could pass as gentleman, but I am not so sure about the one on the right back row, with the large dark moustache and his hat raffishly tilted back!


  2. I had not heard of Calabreze before but we had had our equivalents in the UK, one of whom died this week.
    The Hole in the Wall Gang are known to everyone but these days the equivalents would be robbing back cash machines.


  3. Database rather than post – now that’s funny! Great selection of photos reminding us of some of our more colorful and memorable bad guys and gals.


  4. Enjoyed your collection of convicts. I don’t remember the start of the movie, so now I’m going to have to go and look. Since joining Sepia Saturday, my Saturdays now include hours at the computer…. but I enjoy it!


  5. O.K., I have to admit, I got a bit hung up on Calabrese’s turtleneck. Was that supposed to be a pre-prison joke? Judging by his expression I’d say no. But with that much money, he could have at least bought a decent suit or something with the stripes going the other direction.

    I have a turtleneck just like it and now I’m hoping I don’t look like that when I wear it!


  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful old photographs. How strange that so many of them were ugly little men – maybe they turned to crime as some kind of compensation mechanism.


  7. Nice rogues’s gallery Susan. We got a bit into all tos mobster stuff after watching ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Not a sympathetic character amongst them, so why are we so riveted by them? I remember watching ‘The Untouchables’ TV series when I was a child too, long before the Kevin Costner film


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