Sepia Saturday

Paleontology Lab, Chicago Field Museum, 1899

This week’s prompt is Bones. I immediately knew the Field Museum’s Flickr collection would have something of interest.

Titanotheres Family bone collection, Field Museum, Flickr, 1910

I’m not wild about dinosaurs, but the shapes are interesting.

Paleo skeletons from Field Museum, Flickr, 1898

Mastadons and elephants.

12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I love the Field Museum and still remember my very first visit there with my sixth grade class…sometimes it seems like yesterday! Very cool bone post!


    • I do remember the bones and the various displays of indigenous peoples at the Field of my childhood. Oh, and the King Tut exhibit. I haven’t been back in years as it’s gotten rather pricey.


  2. Sometimes it’s dificult with these skeletons to imagine the flesh on the bones but they do give us an idea of the enormous size of the living creature they were once part of.


  3. I have a number of photos of the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t think of them for this week’s post. Call this a “duh” moment!


  4. They have some dinosaur bones at National Museum of Scotland – when I was a kid I used to run past them without looking 🙂 They were huge!


  5. Looking at the exhibits in that case reminded me that I have the skull of a dog or fox on my window sill which I found in a local wood. I ought to have included it im my post.


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