Sepia Saturday

Take me out to the ball park, take me out to the game . . .

For many baseball is a centerpiece of summer. Even those who aren’t fans like myself, don’t mind an afternoon or night at the ballpark.

Baseball not only entertains today, but offers a slice of nostalgia. Here’s some I found on the Library of Congress‘ Flickr page.

Rube Alring, Philadelphia, LOC 1910s

Rube Aldring played in Philadelphia and New York.

George Sisler, LOC of 1910s

George Sisler played for St. Louis and was called “Gorgeous George” and “Gentleman George.”



12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I have always been intrigued by what – to an outsider at least – look like such curious costumes that they wear. They always appear slightly overdressed. Two wonderful old photos – thanks


    • Given the swimwear of the day, these uniforms make sense. How did people cope with these outfits in the heat of July and August? Stoicism must have been alive and well.


  2. It is like “walk a mile in my shoes.”They are the ones that have to wear them. Maybe they soak up the sweat better. Great photos.


  3. It is so funny that we have the same theme, heh. Great minds! I love vintage baseball. There is a club somewhere around here and the guys don’t use mitts to catch, as their counterparts did not. I can’t imagine catching a fly ball bare handed!


  4. Wow, great photos! I can see where he got his name, so very handsome and prepared to win too!


  5. Like I wrote on another post, I have never watched a game of baseball. It isn’t as popular in Australia. I think I will have to watch a match.


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